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Monthly Swim Challenges

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Just over an hour south of Perth, you will find the incredible Lake Clifton.

Lake Clifton is famous for housing the Southern Hemispheres largest collection of Thrombolites, dating back 2000 years. These rock-like formations are thought to be one of the first lifeforms on Earth, with evidence of their existence approximately 570 million years ago.

Before planning your weekend getaway, spend the month of September at Aqualife swimming the 15km distance of Lake Clifton. What a feeling to experience Yalgorup National Park in-person knowing that you could swim the whole lake if you wanted to!

September Short - Lake Clifton


For the eager swimmers, our challenge this month will have you travelling through the famous aquatic landmark of our city, the Swan River.

Stretching for 280km, the Swan-Avon River meanders through the Wheatbelt region to the arts hub of Perth, Fremantle. You’ll be starting your adventure South-East of Pingelly, near Wickepin, in the salt lake, Lake Yealering. Through your Aqualife tracker, you can map out your journey through townships such as Brookton, York, Northam, and Toodyay. With a well-earned finish in the Freo harbour.

There will be no greater brag than sitting by the Swan River with some mates, knowing and sharing that in less than a month, you could swim the entire distance if you really wanted to

Prove it to yourself, 5600 laps, let’s go!

September Long - Swan-Avon River



This month Aqualife is travelling to the heart of the Scottish Highlands, the Glen Mor, to take on the world-renowned Loch Ness Lake. With tales dating back to the 7th Century, this lake is famous for its mystical monsters and mysterious happenings.

If you are up to the challenge, spend this Halloween season in the depths of Loch Ness, swimming amongst pike, eels, and the infamous Nessie monster, along the 35.4km stretch of lake.

Log your laps and submit your attempts to the Aqualife administration by the end of the month to be in the running for a prize!

October Short - Lock Ness


Summer is coming to Aqualife early this year as we send our distance swimmers to the Caribbean paradise of Cuba. With crystal blue waters covering the coast, it’s no surprise that this month, we are tempting our swimmers to make the distance from Cuba’s coastline across to the land of sunshine, sandy beaches and cocktails, Florida, USA. 

This section of the Florida Strait stretches 177km, making this month’s longer challenge a cracker for any swimmer keen enough to give it a try! 

Following your 3540 laps of the 50m pool, you will be more than deserving of a Caribbean holiday of your very own, or a prize pack at the very least!

October Long - Florida to Cuba

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