Online Form - Membership Cancellation Request Form

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Terms and Conditions

  1. Members are required to complete and submit an online or paper Cancellation Application Form to start the cancellation process.
  2. No refunds will be given for 12 month Upfront Memberships cancelled prior to the expiry date.
  3. Memberships cancelled within 7 days of the initial signing of the Membership Agreement Form, will not incur any additional fees.
  4. Direct Debit Memberships may be cancelled with a 14 day notice period. Due to the 14 day cancellation notice period, a pro-rata fee may be debited at the next scheduled payment.
  5. Any fees that have been paid are non refundable.
  6. Members must clear any outstanding balance from their account prior to cancelling.
  7. Members must allow 2 business days to process their cancellation before the next direct debit payment.
  8. 8. Standard fees and charges apply if you wish to re-join the facility after cancelling your membership.
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