Whether you're joining us for a reason or a season, we want to support your fitness aspirations with flexible membership options to suit you.

Our health clubs have a friendly and supportive atmosphere, with expert staff to show you how you can reach your goals and stay motivated. 

Get unlimited swim, gym and classes at one low rate! 

For just $60 per month, we’ve packed a lot in to our All Access membership. 

  • Gym
  • Aquatic
  • Group fitness classes 
  • Off-peak court access 
  • Crèche 

    Plus, you'll get a free appraisal and program with one of our qualified gym staff members. 

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    Membership options

    Frequently asked questions

    Concession memberships 

    Concession pricing is available for holders of a valid current concession card. Proof of concession must be presented to staff when collecting the membership card to verify eligibility.

    Accepted concession card include:

    • Centrelink Health Care Card
    • Commonwealth Seniors Health Card
    • West Australian Seniors Card
    • Centrelink Pensioner/Concession Card
    • Repatriation Health Card (Dept. of Veterans Affairs)
    • Australian Student Card (must include current card)

    If proof of concession isn't produced the membership will either be cancelled or the membership must be changed to a standard membership and the price difference paid before membership card is provided and services accessed.  

    Standard membership can be changed to a concession membership without additional fees payable upon completion of the Change of Membership Request Form and present proof of concession to staff. 

    Membership cancellations 

    Memberships can be cancelled by providing minimum 14 days written notice and without any outstanding balances.

    The Membership Cancellation Request Form is the easiest way to cancel, it includes all the details required to cancel, can be completed online with no need to print or scan anything.

    Once written notice is received any upcoming direct debit memberships payments will be pro-rated to the end of those 14 days. Fees paid are non-refundable. 

    Notice must include name, address, email and phone number as well as the cancellation date (at least 14 days from the day the notice is given). 

    To ensure the cancellation is processed in time for any upcoming direct debit runs, we suggest submitting the notice at least two businesses days prior to direct debit date. 

    Membership suspensions

    Memberships can be suspended for $5 per week but completing the Membership Suspension Request Form

    Ongoing members will have their upcoming direct debit reduced to exclude the days of the suspension less the applicable suspension fee. 

    Upfront members need to pay the suspension prior to the start of their suspension. 

    In the event a suspension is need on medical grounds the suspension fee will be waived, a doctors note including a start and end date of the required suspension must be produced. The note does not need to include reference to any medical conditions just a note stating the holder is unable to use the facilities on medical grounds and start and end dates this is in effect for. 

    Any dates of the suspension that fall outside the dates mentioned in the doctors notes will be subject to the applicable suspension fees. 

    Except for medical suspensions, a suspension cannot be backdated and the suspension form must be submitted prior to the first date of the suspension and at least two business days prior to the next direct debit date. 

    Change of Membership Details

    A membership can be upgraded, downgraded or changed by completing the Change of Membership Request Form

    Downgrades and changes of membership types (excluding changing to or from a concession membership) are subject to an administration fee that must be paid prior to processing. All outstanding fee must also be paid before the change can be processed. 

    When upgrading a membership the pro-rated difference in membership process must be paid prior to processing the change. 

    Update of Debit Details

    Updating of Debit Details can do so via the following methods:

    1. Click on +New next to 'Finance Info' in the Online Customer Portal Click here
    2. Complete the Debit Details Update Form and forward form to
    3. In Centre

    Membership Terms and Conditions

    For more details please see our full terms and conditions.

    Membership Terms and Conditions

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