Online Form - Membership Suspension Request Form

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Terms and Conditions
• Members need to complete a Suspension Application Form and submit to Aqualife or Leisurelife staff before the suspension commences. Fees will apply.
• Form must be submitted 2 business days prior to the next direct debit payment.
• On upfront memberships the minimum suspension period is 7 days.
• If the suspension period changes from that of the original application, the member must contact the Health and Fitness Coordinator and or complete an additional suspension form.
• On upfront memberships, members will have the suspension time added back onto their current contract expiry date.
• On direct debit memberships payment(s) will be adjusted.
• A member can only have a free suspension and or/backdated suspension added if the member is able to produce a medical certificate and/or other supporting documents for that period.
• Members may be eligible for extended suspension time in special circumstances. These may include: pregnancy, long term illness, and financial difficulties. Supporting documents may be requested and required. These circumstances will require approval from Coordinator of Health & Fitness.
I have read the above terms and conditions and understand and agree to them. *

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