Creche at aqualife

Let our experienced and dedicated staff take care of your little ones while you enjoy what the facilities. Whether you go for a swim, use the gym or attend a group fitness class you and be assured that your children are well looked after. 

Children will have access to a great range of toys, art and craft, reading materials and outside activities. 

Opening hours

Monday to Saturday 8.30am-12 noon

Sundays closed.


The creche offers mixed age care for children from 8 weeks to 5 years.


See below for our full list fees and charges

Entry Fees


Prior to your visit, please read the conditions of entry.

Creche conditions of entry

To enrol, Parents/guardians must fill out the below form.

creche enrolment form 


Once this form is processed you will be given access to the customer portal to be able to book into creche.

It is best to book online so there is an accurate record of your booking this can be easily accessed through your child's online account. 

Bookings can be made one week in advance up to 8pm the night before. Note - Walk-ins are not accepted.

Book a spot now


If you cannot attend your creche booking, you can cancel by emailing the creche team at or completing the below cancellation form.

Note - Cancellations need to be done before 8am the day of the booking or fees may apply.

Creche cancellation form

Creche FAQs

First time attending

If your child has not been left alone in a care setting before or only left with family, we understand how overwhelming attending creche can be for both parents and child. 

We suggest a minimum of 4 short visits (half hour time slots). for the children to get to know our great creche staff, from here we can increase the length of your child's visit to get to the full 90mins. 

please note: if your child shows distress throughout the session staff will come a collect you. 

What to bring

  • nappy, wipes (if required), a change of clothes.
  • A healthy snack (no nuts), finger food 
  • milk bottle (if required) 
  • water bottle  
  • A pram or stroller (under age of 2)
  • Dummy or any comfort items your child uses at home.

Attendees must be fully vaccinated

 All attendees to the creche must be fully vaccinated or up to date with their vaccination schedule to attend the creche services.

Customer portal FAQs

How can I access the customer portal? 

Once you have filled the creche enrolment form our staff will process the form within 7 days and will be in contact with you via email.

If you can have contact with the creche team you can access the customer portal. 

I am a non-member can I use the creche?


You can use the creche by filling out the creche enrolment form and you can access the customer online portal to book in online. 

I have submitted my form, but cannot book in?

Creche staff need to manually create your child an online account once we have received your enrolment form crèche staff will be in contact with you. 

If you haven't had any contact, email the creche team at 

I'm trying to book into the creche, but it will not work.

New Enrolment once you have completed the enrolment form. Creche staff will be in contact with you with in 7 days . 

Existing enrolment email the creche team at 

I can't make my booking; how can I cancel? 

You can cancel your booking by calling the centre on (08) 93735400.

Emailing the creche team at 

Or completing the creche cancellation form.

Can I book more than 1 child into creche? 

Yes, you can!

Each child will have their own separate creche account that you will need to access and book in under their own names. 

Can I book in the same day I want to attend? 


We have a booking system where bookings must be made before 8pm the night before.

First time users must have completed an enrolment form and have had contact with the creche team after their enrolment has been processed. 

Have a question!

Visit our contact us page to get in touch with our team.