Prime Movers Inc 

The aim of Prime Movers Inc is to provide exercise programs which promote health, fitness & well-being in a social atmosphere. The program is structured to suit both male and female in low impact exercise for the active over 50s group. 

Classes include stretching, low impact aerobics and muscle work, all carried out in a friendly environment to familiar music. The program hopes to:

  • Encourage positive aging
  • Slows the aging process
  • Exercise is of primary importance to quality of life
  • Lower blood pressure and heart rate 
  • Improve fitness and mobility
  • Encourage confidence

All classes commence on time so please come 20 minutes earlier to be ready to join in.

Classes are held:

  • 9-10am Wednesdays and 9.30-10.30am Fridays.

Annual membership is:

  • $20 and class fee of $5. Visitors are welcome for $6. 

Promotes psychological wellbeing
Regular exercise
Increases strength, flexibility, stamina, co-ordination and
Muscle tone
Exercise that is low impact and fun helps to

Manage stress
Offers social interaction and friendship
Vitality increase
Energy increase
Reduce weight by increasing metabolic rate
Sleep better at night and feel young at heart again

For more information please visit the website on or phone enquiries on 0444 560 037 during business hours.