Swim School

Frequently asked questions

Welcome to a plethora of commonly asked questions.

If any of your questions are not answered below, please don't hesitate to contact our swim school.

What does perpetual mean?

Perpetual means an enrolment is ongoing.

Breaks from lessons will only take place in July school holidays and Christmas/New Year period.

Cost per class?

Infant lessons 30 minute lesson - $16.00 per lesson weekdays and $16.50 per lesson weekends

Pre-School 30 minute lesson - $16.00 per lesson weekdays and $16.50 per lesson weekends

School Age 30 minute lesson - $16.00 per lesson weekdays and $16.50 per lesson weekends

Junior Lifeguard 45 minute lesson - $17.00 per lesson weekdays and $17.50 per lesson weekends 

Adult Beginner and Intermediate - $16.00 per lesson weekdays and $16.50 per lesson weekends

Adult Swimfit - $17.00 per lesson weekdays and $17.50 per lesson weekends 

How can I change my lesson day or time?

If you have enrolled into the wrong day or time or would like to change your lesson, you will need to submit an online class change request form through our website.

Class change or transfer request

How do I update my finance information for direct debit payments?

Through your online portal, please select finance info on the left side and +New to add new details in.

Once this has been completed, please contact the Swim School Admin team at swim@vicpark.wa.gov.au for these details to be linked to future direct debits.

Do you offer make up classes?


What do I do if I miss a lesson?

If you need to miss a lesson due to illness or other reasons, please email swim school at swim@vicpark.wa.gov.au

No refunds or credits will be granted.

What does my swim school membership include?

Free entry for students whilst enrolled.

Students under 5 include 1 parent swim, Students under 10 years include 1 spectator.

When does the direct payment come out?

On the 28th of every month for the following month’s lessons.

Why does the direct debit amount change?

The debited amounts may change as the number of lessons that occur in that month may change.

How much notice do I need to give to cancel?

To cancel you must complete an online cancellation form and submit it before close of business on the 26th of the month to avoid being charged for the next month.

Swim school cancellation

Is there a cancellation fee?


How do I cancel my lessons?

To cancel your lessons, you must submit an online cancellation form. No classes or payments can be ceased without a submitted cancellation form.

How do I determine which level will best suit my child?

If your child has completed swimming lessons at other centres/programs our stages may be different so it is always best schedule an assessment to ensure your child goes into the level best suited to their abilities.

Can we play in the hydrotherapy pool including the ramp before or after my child's lesson?

No, as part of the conditions of entry for the hydrotherapy pool whilst lessons are running there is no admittance to the pool unless you are actively participating in a swimming lesson at your scheduled lesson time as this area is not actively supervised by lifeguards when lessons are running.

Why can I not see instructor's names listed on the classes?

Instructors are assigned based on their availability which is subject to change therefore this information is not provided on the online booking system.

Will this be my teacher all year?

No, our teachers can change as the teacher availability changes. All of our instructors are highly skilled and knowledgeable and the most suitable teacher will be assigned to the class.