Memberships Update

From July 2024, the Victoria Park Leisure Centres will be streamlining our membership offerings.

You can now choose from two membership options; Aquatic or All Access.

These updates mean our Gym Essentials and Group Fitness memberships will no longer be available.

If you are an existing Ongoing Gym Essential or Group Fitness member, we’d like to offer you the chance to enjoy a trial of the All Access Membership, at no additional cost, from 17 June – 4 August 2024.

You’ll be able to explore all Leisurelife and Aqualife services and facilities without restrictions.

As an All Access member, you'll receive:

  • Unlimited Gym Access: Achieve your fitness goals with unlimited use of our state-of-the-art gym equipment and facilities.
  • Aquatic Centre: Dive into our aquatic centre and take advantage of swimming pools, aquatic fitness classes, and more.
  • Group Fitness Classes: Attend as many group fitness classes as you like, from high-energy cardio sessions to relaxing yoga and everything in between.
  • Court Access: Enjoy unlimited access to our courts for basketball, racquetball, and other sports.
  • Free Creche Services: Take the time you need for your workout while your little ones are cared for in our complimentary creche.


After 4 August, if you feel All Access is right for you, we will transition you over to an ongoing membership. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are we making these changes?

  • We’re streamlining our options to make the membership process simpler and more efficient for customers
  • The refreshed membership options add value to the customer experience
  • All Access memberships are great value, $60 monthly for two fully staffed gyms, unlimited pool access, a wide range of fitness classes and much more

What are the benefits of the All Access Membership?

  • All Access members get access to a fully staffed gym at both Aqualife and Leisurelife
  • A wide range of Les Mills and freestyle classes, including aqua classes
  • Unlimited access to the inside and outside pool
  • Access to the steam room and spa for all your recovery needs
  • Free or subsidised health assessments/training plans with our team’s fitness professionals
  • Free Aqualife pool entry for children under 5 when accompanied by a All Access member
  • All Access members also receive a 15% discount on swimwear and goggles in the Aqualife swim shop

Are prices increasing?

  • The All Access membership price is not increasing; this flat rate of $60 per month is great value for the range of services we have available.
  • Aquatics Memberships prices will remain the same as well
  • Concession prices will also remain the same for both options

When do these changes come into effect?

  • 4th August 2024 is the final cutoff date to transition over to All Access
  • Existing Gym Essentials or Group Fitness members can enjoy All Access member benefits for no additional cost up until 4th August 2024

What if I’m not going to use the extra benefits?

  • An All Access membership has something for everyone
  • The June to July free trial is a chance to experiment with new services we offer, and see how they can benefit your current training program
  • For existing Group Fitness or Fitness Essentials members take your training to the next level and work with our fitness team to design a training plan that works for you
  • If you’ve only been using the gym or attending group fitness classes, you now have access to the pool, sauna and spa for cross-training and recovery

If you qualify for a seniors discount, once the free trial is complete an All Access membership is available for $51 a month

How do I become an All Access Member?

  • Our staff will be reaching out directly to all existing Group Fitness and Gym Essential members
  • Our staff are here to assist you to upgrade your membership to All Access
  • Our friendly team can assist you to update your membership in person at Leisurelife or Aqualife reception during your next visit

What if I don’t want to become an All Access Membership?

  • If you choose not to become an All Access member by 4th August your membership will expire
  • If you decide to return as a member at a later date you will have to pay the joining fee again to re-join

Aquatics Membership – also being upgraded to All Access

  • From 17 June to 4 August all existing members, including Aquatic Members, will be able to enjoy a free trial of an All Access membership

What if I don’t transition to an All Access Membership by 4th August 2024?

  • If you have missed the cut-off date, and would like to upgrade to All Access membership please reach out to our team

What if I have an Upfront Gym or Group Fitness Essentials Membership?

  • Your current membership will remain active until its expiry date. Upon expiration, you'll have the opportunity to renew to either an All Access or Aquatic Membership to continue to enjoying our facilities and services

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