Infant Swim Workshop at Aqualife

Published on Wednesday, 23 August 2023 at 12:46:56 PM

On Tuesday 22 August 2023 the Aqualife Swim School were delighted to welcome the expertise of the father-daughter duo, Emma and Laurie Lawrence into the centre. Together with Royal Life Saving WA, they ran a comprehensive and engaging workshop on swimming and water safety.

With the renowned Lawrence wit and charm, the pair delivered an engaging infant aquatics session with the youngest Lawrence family member, Lulu, as well as members of our Swim School. With an emphasis on establishing independence for babies in and around water, Emma guided parents to support their children in gripping and accessing ‘safe’ spaces in the water on their own. Additionally, they explored the gradual introduction of infants to submersion, with Emma and Laurie modelling to parents how to take their babies underwater in a safe and supported manner.

Further to that, Laurie worked with instructors from a wide range of Aquatics facilities throughout the State to highlight the common faults encountered through Stages 3-5 of the Swim and Survive curriculum. With some of our own instructors in the crowd, we are thrilled to build our knowledge with the Lawrence family so our centre can continue providing informed, high-quality swimming lessons for members of our local community.

It was a wonderful turnout, a fantastic day of engaged learning and a brilliant networking opportunity for Swim Schools throughout WA.

Thank you Royal Life Saving for the privilege of hosting the royal family of Australia’s Aquatic industry, we are proud to have been part of such an excellent event. Thank you to Laurie and Emma Lawrence for sharing your expertise with us, we look forward to seeing how instructors will implement their learning in future lessons!

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