Planned Pool Closure

The outdoor 50m pool at Aqualife will be closed from Sunday 30 June until late July to carry out minor works and test the pool shell stability.

All other pools and facilities will remain open as normal. Learn to Swim classes, when they return from their two-week break (July 1-14), will be relocated indoors for the duration of the closure.

Affected members will be upgraded to all-access memberships free of charge. 

Frequently asked questions:

Why is the 50m pool being closed? 

The pool is being closed and emptied for engineers to investigate the stability of the pool shell, which will help to determine future requirements. 

At the same time, we will also carry out any minor works that may be necessary.

How long will it be closed? 

The outdoor pool will be closed to the public from Sunday 30 June with the re-opening expected mid to late July.

Will I still be able to use the indoor pools during this time? 

There will be access to all indoor pools and aquatic areas during this time, with other areas of the facility remaining open as normal However, please bear in mind that at peak times space may be limited due to trying to accommodate most user groups and provide public lanes. 

What about swimming lessons? 

Swimming lessons are on break from July 1 to July 14.  

Lessons from July 15 which are scheduled for the outdoor pool will be relocated indoors for the remainder of the closure. 

Will squads be affected?

We will be trying to accommodate all user groups and squads into the indoor pool area, whilst still allowing lanes for the public.  As a result, peak times may be a little busier than usual. 

We ask that you bear with us during this time. 

Will I get an extension or refund on my pool membership? 

In place of extending pool memberships, you will be upgraded free of charge to the All-Access memberships, with access to gym, group fitness and sports courts.


You can always check the Upcoming carnivals and closures page to see any planned events or works that may impact on your visit. 

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