Online Form - Fitness Passport

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DISCLAIMER<br> I warrant that I am physically fit and able to engage in exercise and fitness programs;<br> The Town of Victoria Park accepts that in the unlikely situation where I, and if being a minor, or under legal disability, my parents/guardians, suffers an injury, loss/damage and investigations indicate that this has arisen due to Town of Victoria Parks negligence, the affected party has the right under common law to instigate legal action to recover any such losses/costs that have arisen. The Town has Public Liability Insurance to meet the costs that may arise under such circumstances. However, participants should be aware that if they suffer any loss/damage for reasons other than the Town's negligence, then any losses/costs will not be met by Council; <br> NOTE: Group Fitness Classes such as RPM, Attack and Body Step are high intensity classes and shouldn't be attended by new participants without completing a pre-exercise screening questionnaire; <br> Please ensure that you make the instructor ware of any existing conditions prior to the class commencing.<br> By signing below I agree to the disclaimer.*